A message from the Continuity Concom

A message from the current committee of Continuity 2024.

For the past three years a small but hardy bunch of fans have tried to revitalise conventions in New Zealand in the wake of the pandemic and CoNZealand. The former has made conventions difficult to host, and the latter made those who’d run events want to hide in a corner going wibble.

Sadly, that’s meant that a very small number of people, who are also members of the SFFANZ board, have been left holding the baby that is Continuity 2024. We’ve asked for assistance from fandom at large, and whilst a few volunteers put their hands up, they suddenly lost interest or ability to help when we had our first meeting. Now we who are left are running out of steam, and wondering if we have the spirit and time to continue. We want conventions in New Zealand to continue as we see value in them. We want to gather with friends to discuss our passion for the genre. But we can’t do it alone.

For the past three years we’ve hosted a revitalising fandom discussion, which has been robust, but every year the same thing happens. People want, want, want, but there’s no give, give, give.

At a recent fannish gathering, a number of fen asked what plans were for Continuity 2024, when bookings could be made etc. Not one person offered to put their hand up to help or run anything. It seemed to that people wanted to be entertained rather than to participate. Oh, and we have to make the event as long as possible (meaning we need to find more information/panels/events to entertain people) so that it makes it worthwhile to attend, otherwise they won’t. And, not unnaturally given the times, everyone expects that events will be both in person and online making the effort involved greater again.

There are many conflicting issues going on here, we realise. Fandom, as a group, is not getting any younger. We all have lives, and things we want to do, but unless more of us put in an effort to keep momentum in conventions alive, then SF cons in New Zealand will go the way of the dodo.

We do have some ideas, such as holding a SMOFcon South, a con-running event, alongside a day where we celebrate fandom in New Zealand, but this idea is in its infancy. We’ve got a date, a venue, ideas for guests, events, and of course the Sir Julius Vogel Awards to host. But we need ideas, fresh ones, to assist us to get this plan across the line. And we need more people to volunteer to make that happen.

We will be hosting a meeting on February 25 at 10am to discuss where we go from here with Continuity 2024. I invite you to register here for the zoho meeting. If we don’t get sufficient interest, we will be turning Continuity 2024 into a one-day event again, and that will be it. We won’t try again. 

Fandom is what you put into it. It requires active engagement and participation to make it thrive and grow. This is where you come in, yes YOU.

We hope to see you on the 25th.

Continuity Concom.

Nominations for the 2024 Sir Julius Vogel Awards now open!

Nominations for the 2024 Sir Julius Vogel awards are now being accepted. The nomination period will close at 11:59pm on 31st March 20234 The SJV awards recognise excellence in science fiction, fantasy, or horror works created by New Zealanders and New Zealand residents, and first published or released in the 2022 calendar year. Anyone can make a nomination and it is free!

To make a nomination please see the form below. See the website for the categories and get busy reading NZ authors and watching NZ movies.

You can click through to the Rules and Criteria for the Awards.

And here is a link for Guidelines for nominations.

The awards ceremony will be held later in the year, full details to be announced.

Sir Julius Vogel Award nomination form

Request For Comment on New Constitution for SFFANZ

SFFANZ invites comment on the proposed new constitution for SFFANZ by 31 January 2024.

Due to a change in legislation, the SFFANZ membership will need to agree on a new, compliant constitution by the end of next year. We expect therefore that the new constitution will need to be adopted at the 2024 AGM.

A draft of the new constitution has been developed based on the compliant template provided online and on our existing constitution.  The new draft constitution can be found here and the existing constitution here – SFFANZ Constitution.

All members are asked to read the draft constitution and suggest any improvements. Such suggestions must be in an email to board@sffanz.nz outlining:

  • the section of the draft affected (where possible)
  • the issue you believe needs to be addressed
  • preferred wording to fix the issue

We ask for all feedback to be provided no later than January 31st 2024. We may contact you for further clarification including, if you wish, an individual online call.

In February and March we intend to run online general member sessions to discuss the draft and any proposed changes received from members.

Thanking you in advance.  


SFFANZ online event – Saturday, August 13, 2022.

In 2022, SFFANZ will be hosting an online event to allow fans to meet and chat whilst staying safe from COVID. We will be hosting an online afternoon of chatting and business on Saturday, August 13 from 1pm.

The programme for the event is as follows:

Meet and greet – say helloFrom 1.00pm
Let’s get this show back on the road
Let’s explore getting conventions running again in New Zealand. If you’d like to speak on this topic, please let us know so that we can call on you during the session. Questions and comments from the floor will also be welcomed during the session.
3:30pm – 5:30pm
Social TIme
Grab a drink, grab a virtual corner, sit down and have a chat. From the light to the serious. The breakout rooms are available for multiple discussions.
5.30pm – 7.00pm
SJV Awards7:00pm – approx 7:30pm

Please register your attendance for this meeting at this Zoom link

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We are requiring registration for security purposes, as Zoom bombing has become a recreational hobby. Zoom registration and access is free. You will not be charged nor will any billing information be requested.

All fans are welcome to attend any of the events on the day. Anyone is welcome to attend the AGM, however, in order to vote you must be a member of SFFANZ.

We will have a number of rooms where people can hang out and chat as well as our main discussion space.

  • Ready Room
  • Milliways
  • Ten Forward
  • Mos Eisley Cantina

The AGM information can all be found on the SFFANZ website www.sffanz.nz. There you’ll find the 2021 minutes and the 2022 AGM agenda.

The breakouts will be available during the AGM and other sessions for those people who just wish to mingle and chat.  There will be an opportunity to stay on after the SJVs to allow attendees to chat with, and congratulate, our winners and finalists.

Let’s get this show back on the road.

We want to talk about the resources are available for convention runners. From advice to financial support and grants. And we’re interested to hear whether anyone is keen on running an event in 2023 or 2024. We know the last few years have been difficult for getting together, but we want to know if there’s an appetite for events in the next few years  and how we might want them to look.

SJV Ceremony

Join us in celebrating New Zealand’s science fiction and fantasy awards for 2022. Stay afterwards to congratulate the winners! We’ll get in touch with the finalists via separate email about details for the evening.


In order to take part virtually you’re going to need a device that can run zoom. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide tech support. You need to ensure your device has a microphone and a camera if you wish to be seen or heard. Please note that iPad and mobile device users will not be able to move between breakout rooms without the assistance of the zoom host – they will be available during the events.

SFFANZ 2022 One-day event goes VIRTUAL

Due to a lack of registrations for a physical event, the SFFANZ board has made the decision to go virtual for the one-day event on August 13th. 
Details of what will be in place will be released as soon as possible. 
We’re disappointed that we can’t get together to discuss things in person, but hopefully by going virtual we can get more attendance. 
At this stage we’ll be using Zoom. We’ll be hosting the AGM, the SJVs and a session on planning next year’s natcon at a minimum. Id you’d like to be part of a virtual panel, please contact lynelle@sffanz.nz asap and we’ll see what we can arrange.
Please contact the above address if you have any questions.

Lynelle Howell

New date for SFFANZ one-day event!

SFFANZ is pleased to announce that we’ve got a new date for the one-day event – August 13th. You can find all the details, and register to attend on this form. Please register by July 30th so that we can determine whether the event can go ahead. IF we get insufficient in-person attendance, we may pivot to a virtual event.

We look forward to seeing you soon!