The finalists of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for 2024, recognizing works from the 2023 year, are below.

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Professional Categories

Best NovelTurncoatTīhema BakerLawrence & Gibson
Best NovelA Wolf in the GardenAllegra HallSelf-published
Best NovelDecimus and the Wary WidowEmily LarkinSelf-published
Best NovelA New EdenMenilik Henry DyerPodium Publishing
Best NovelGhosts of the CatacombsJanna Ruth
Best Youth NovelNew Dawning: The Edge of Light #1A M DixonOne Tree House
Best Youth NovelMaggie and the Mountain of LightMark SnoadMonarch Educational Services
Best Youth NovelCorporealMike GwytherQualia House
Best Youth NovelThe Song of the SwanKarah SuttonPenguin Random House
Best Youth NovelA Spring of MagicJanna RuthSelf-published
Best Youth NovelOdd Wolf OutJuliette MacIverScholastic NZ
Best NovellaThe TabletS. R. ManssenUpsidedown Books
Best NovellaThe Butterflies of Meadow Hill ManorStefanie ParksThe Book Guild
Best NovellaHamlet, Prince of RobotsM. Darusha WehmIn Potentia Press
Best NovellaOnce We FlewNikky LeeCaelestis Books
Best NovellaHow to Get a Date With the Evil QueenMarie CardnoPaper Road Press
Best Novelette"Ernestine"Octavia CadeAsimov's Science Fiction Magazine, March/April 2023
Best Novelette"Starving"Michael BoturNext Chapter
Best Novelette"Luke's Lesson"Michael BoturNext Chapter
Best Novelette"Happiness"Octavia CadeClarkesworld
Best Novelette"Lightrunner's Gambit"Rem WigmoreSelf-published
Best Short Story"The Watchman"Kirsten McKenzieClan Destine Press
Best Short Story"Fires of Fate"Jacqui GreavesClan Destine Press
Best Short Story"Please Sign the Waiver"Jacqui GreavesSelf-published
Best Short Story"Why We Bury Our Dead at Sea"TehnukaReckoning
Best Short Story"What Bones These Tides Bring"Nikky LeeClan Destine Press
Best Short Story"An Obituary to Birdsong"TehnukaIf There's Anyone Left
Best Collected WorkLetters From ElsewhereJacqui Greaves
Best Collected WorkYou Are My Sunshine and Other StoriesOctavia CadeStelliform Press
Best Collected Work20,000 Bloody WordsDenver GrenellBeware The Moon
Best Collected WorkRemains To Be Told: Dark Tales of AotearoaLee MurrayClan Destine Press
Best Collected WorkBloodalcohol: Ten TalesMichael BoturNext Chapter
Best Dramatic PresentationCreamerie - Season 2Writers: Kirsty Fisher, Roseanne Liang, Dan Musgrove, Shoshona McCallumFlat 3 Productions
Best Production/PublicationSidetrackAndi C. Buchanan
Best ArtworkCover art of Bloodalcohol: Ten TalesMichael BoturNext Chapter
Best ArtworkCover art of Tarquin the Honest; Occian's ElvenBex BlackwoodBateman Books

Fan Categories

Best Fan Production/PublicationPhoenixineJohn and Jo Toon (editors)Phoenix Science Fiction Society Inc
Best Fan WritingPass the RulesJo ToonPhoenix Science Fiction Society Inc
Best Fan WritingSITREPAlex LindsayPhoenix Science Fiction Society Inc

Special Awards

Best New TalentAllegra Hall
Best New TalentMenilik Henry Dyer

Menilik Henry Dyer is a science fiction author, known for his space exploration trilogy: 'A New Eden', ‘A New God', and 'A New War'. Which touches on sci-fi themes like simulated worlds, the fermi paradox, and truly alien aliens.

His series has been described as similar to popular sci-fi series The Three body Problem and The Bobiverse.

His first book was released online for free, going viral and gaining over 100k reads in a month. This led to him gaining a publishing deal.

Readers have praised his work, particularly the hard scientific elements within the story. They've called his work: "Thought provoking.", "A total page turner.”, and "Chalk full of unique and intriguing concepts."

In 2023, a testament to his success as an author, Menilik’s book A New Eden peaked at number 10 across ALL audiobooks in the US and was number 1 in all his categories. 

Best New TalentMark SnoadYou can find more information at this precis about Mark Snoad.
Best New TalentKatharine J. Adams

Katharine J. Adams is the bestselling author of Tonight, I Burn and the forthcoming sequels Tonight, I Bleed and Tonight, I Blaze.

Thorns, Tides, Embers, Storms, and Ores. All five covens are bound in servitude to the High Warden of Halstett. Penny Albright is a daughter of the thorn coven, forced to patrol the veil between Life and Death. Each night, one thorn witch must cross the veil by burning at the stake. Each morning, that witch must return with the help of their magical lifeline. But one morning, Penny's sister Ella doesn't return. And that night, determined to find her, Penny breaks the rules. She burns in secret. What she finds in Death is a manor that shouldn't exist and the devastating Lord Malin, who shouldn't be there. Malin offers Penny a dangerous deal: Ella's freedom in exchange for information about the High Warden. But all isn't as it seems in Life or Death. Penny's bargain leads her to Alice, a mysterious captive prophecy-weaver... and to a rebellion brewing in the shadows of their city. As Penny's world splits between her growing love for the ethereal Alice in Life and her attraction to the seductive Malin in Death, she'll face a devastating choice. Because it's not just her sister's life that hangs in the balance. It's the fate of all magic. 

Links to Katharine's e-books: