Please make sure you understand how the Sir Julius Vogel awards voting system works.

Here are instructions for how to vote in the Sir Julius Vogel awards

One of the critical things to understand is that No Award does NOT mean No Opinion. If you have no opinion of categories or works, then leave them blank. Only use No Award if you have viewed the other works, and consider them simply not worthy of even being on the ballot. Marking No Award will not help your favoured work/s win. It merely attempts to shut out other works.

You can fill the ballot form in electronically and email it to us, or print it and mail it to:

SJV Votes, 
P.O. Box 13-574, 

If you post it, please sign the form on the second page, in the slot for email. If you email it, fill in your email address.

All ballots, email or post, must reach us by 11:59pm (midnight) on June 22nd 2024.

Here is the voting form for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2024

Instructions for filling in the ballot electronically:

Download, then open the PDF ballot form in Acrobat Reader ( or a PDF reader compatible with forms. On Linux systems, Adobe Reader and Okular are known to work. Evince works, but laboriously. Epdfviewer and Xpdf are known not to work. On Mac systems, Acrobat Pro and Preview are known to work.

Fill in your preferences in the boxes, then make sure you type your name and email address in on the last page, at the bottom. (Tip: you can use TAB to move between the form elements.)

Then go to File… Save As… and save the PDF file with the same name, but add your name on the beginning..

Then email the saved, completed ballot to us at