SFFANZ is pleased to announce it will hold a one-day event on August 7, 2021 at West Plaza Hotel.

While planning is still preliminary, it’s expected the day will start with meet and greet, followed by panels. The SFFANZ AGM will be held at 2pm, followed by a discussion on the future of conventions and fandom in New Zealand. 

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards for 2021 will be presented in the evening.

Registration for the day is free and open to all fans, but only members of SFFANZ may vote at the AGM.  Click join SFFANZ for details on joining the organisation. 

We have closed off the registration form, but if you wish to attend, you are welcome to turn up on the day.

As this is a free event, you can attend as little or as much as you wish.  The intent of the day is to have a relaxed chance to get back into the swing of larger fan gatherings and to move forward with future planning for fandom in general. If you have suggestions for panel items, please indicate that on the form above.

Accommodation is available at West Plaza Hotel at a cost of $140 including GST (room only) for Twin (single bed plus a queen bed) and Queen rooms (1 queen bed only). To make a booking: Phone – 0800 731 444 or Emailreservations@westplaza.co.nz and quote the booking #495813 or group name SFFANZ.


Preliminary Programme (still subject to change)

9am Registration Opens.

10am Panel 1 – Judging a book by page 119. Lee Murray, Simon Litten, June Young and Daniel presenting.

11am Panel 2 – Lockdown comfort reading and viewing. A discussion led by Lee Murray.

12noon Panel 3- TBA

IF you would like to be part of any of the discussions, please contact lynelle@sffanz.nz.

1pm lunch break

2pm SFFANZ AGM. Please note that to vote in the AGM you must be a member of SFFANZ.

4pm Discussion on the future of New Zealand conventions – how do we make the easier to run? How do we revitalise them.

5pm – Dinner break

7pm Awards presentation and social


218 Replies to “SFFANZ one-day con, AGM and Sir Julius Vogel Award Presentation”

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