The finalists of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for 2022, recognising works from the 2021 year are now available.

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Long list

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Finalists for the 2022 Sir Julius Vogel Awards
Best Fan WritingBibliophiles ReportJohn Toon and Simon LittenPhoenixine
Best ArtworkCover of FoxhuntLaya Rose
Best ArtworkCover of Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy Vol 3Rebekah Tisch
Best ArtworkCover and Illustrations for The Memory ThiefKeiran RynhartPenguin New Zealand
Best ArtworkCover of The Firebird's SongVivienne To
Best Dramatic PresentationWellington Paranormal (series 3)
Best Dramatic PresentationCreamerie
Best Production/PublicationProject tempest PodcastCJ Halbard
Best Production/PublicationWhat You Need Right Now is a Nice Soothing Horror StoryTabatha WoodThe Spinoff 
Best Production/PublicationRitaul Cast epsidoes 23-35Rycon Roleplays
Best Production/PublicationLore Olympus chapters 138-190Rachel Smythe

Fan Categories

Best Fan WritingThis Book's About What?Tabatha WoodDivination Hollow Reviews 
Best Fan WritingSITREPAlex LindsayPhoenixine
Best Fan WritingWormholes and WorkersAndi C. BuchananVector Magazine, Issue 294
Best ArtworkCover of The Last Fallen StarVivienne To
Best Fan WritingTriumvirateJo ToonScript for Theatrephonic podcast 
Best Fan WritingReview of Philip Pullmans SerpentineStephen LittenMy Opinion on Various Books
Best Fan WritingPass the RulesJo ToonPhoenixine
Best Fan ArtworkDevaMichelle Kan
Best Fan ArtworkJinxJules
Best Fan ArtworkToangaMichelle Kan
Best Fan PublicationPhoenixineJohn and Jo ToonPhoenix Science Fiction Society

Special Awards

Best New TalentAngelique Kasmara

Angelique is the author of the novel Isobar Precinct (The Cuba Press, 2021), a genre-bending work combining social realism, sci-fi, detective drama and fantasy which is mostly set in and around Tāmaki Makaurau’s Karangahape Road. Centering on people who are often shunted to society’s margins, it explores the shattering repercussions of a volatile drug for both its most vulnerable users and those who hold the power to transform or destroy. It was selected as one of the 100 Best Books of 2021 by the NZ Listener, shortlisted for the NZ Booklovers Best Adult Fiction Award, and included in the Best Books 2021 selection at the Academy of New Zealand Literature

Excerpts from Isobar Precinct have appeared in anthologies Ko Aotearoa Tātou | We Are New Zealand and A Clear Dawn: New Asian Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand. Some of her short fiction has been published in NZ Listener, Newsroom, and an upcoming Mexican anthology published by AMETLI and Ediciones Del Lirio. She was one of six writers commissioned by the Nelson Arts Festival to write and record a work of creative nonfiction for their 2021 Writing Home: An Antidote to Feeling Stranded digital series. She has served as a literary advisor to the Going West Writers Festival, Auckland, and most recently was a judge for the Refugee Writers Collective writing competition. Angelique has a Master of Creative Writing from the University of Auckland and works as a communications manager, reviewer and translator. 

Twitter: @KasmaraAng 
Instagram: @kasmaraangelique

Best New TalentChloe Gong

Chloe Gong is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of young adult Shakespearean retellings including ‘These Violent Delights’ and ‘Our Violent Ends’, its spin-off series ‘Foul Lady Fortune’, as well as an adult fantasy trilogy, with book one ‘Immortal Longings’ forthcoming in 2023. Awarded with five starred reviews and chosen as a Junior Library Guild selection, ‘These Violent Delights’ has also been named in Barnes & Noble’s Top 10 Best YA Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2020, Buzzfeed’s Best YA Books of 2020, Kirkus’s Best YA Historical Fiction of 2020, and YALSA’s 2021 Best Fiction for Young Adults Book List, among others. 

Chloe is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she double-majored in English and International Relations. After devouring the entire YA section of her local library, she started writing her own novels at age 13 to keep herself entertained, and has been highly entertained ever since. Born in Shanghai and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Chloe is now located in New York pretending to be a real adult. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok under @thechloegong. 

Best New Talent

Graci Kim

Graci Kim is the bestselling author of The Last Fallen Star, book one in the Korean mythology-inspired middle grade fantasy series. Called a “sparkling yarn” by Entertainment Weekly, the Gifted Clans trilogy has been optioned by the Disney Channel for a live-action television series, and was named a 2021 Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for “Best Middle Grade & Children’s Book”, an Amazon Editor’s pick for Best Book, an Indigo Best Book, and a Publisher’s Lunch Buzz Book. Her work deals with issues around belonging, identity, and finding one’s voice, with a particular emphasis on found families and unbreakable sibling relationships.

Graci is also a contributing author of The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities short story collection, published by Rick Riordan Presents (Disney Hyperion), which became an instant New York Times bestseller.

In a previous life, Graci was a diplomat for the New Zealand foreign service, a cooking show host, and once ran a business that turned children’s drawings into cuddly toys. She lives in New Zealand with her husband and daughter. You can find her sometimes on Twitter (@gracikim), more often on Instagram (@gracikimwrites), and always at her website (

Services to FandomMichelle Kan
Michelle Kan is an outstanding member of the fan community here in Wellington, known for their stunning Chinese brush-style fanart of many beloved F&SF books, animations, and podcasts. They're a prolific author in their own right, but where I think Michelle really shines is their years of volunteering at various events around Wellington as well as their work as a cosplay photographer and videographer. From their vibrant work at Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest to the New Zealand Games Festival and several years of Armageddons across the North Island, Michelle is a household name in fandom events and we as a fan community are so, so lucky to have them.
Services to FandomMatthew Pavletich
It is my honour to nominate Matthew Pavletich for the 2022 SJV Award for Services to Fandom For decades Matthew and Maree Pavletitch have been stalwart supporters of NZ fandom as well close friends and personal supports to many in the NZ science fiction community. They have been very active at an organisational, practical and networking levels, as well actively taking part the planning and running of a number of NZ Natcons over the years. Together they have attended ( and often appeared on stage or panels at ) numerous Natcons. They have equally well represented and tirelessly promoted New Zealand fandom and the 2020 NZ Worldcon at various Worldcons in true ambassadorial style. They have actively reached out to both ordinary fans and more famous SF / fantasy actors and author inviting them to visit NZ, and have helped forge long-lasting links and friendships with fans around NZ and the world. Matthew also tirelessly promoted the Worldcon by working long shifts manning a booth at the Auckland’s Armageddon expo in the years leading up to the Worldcon 2020. He did this most admirably and enthusiastically despite a quite painful back. Matthew has always been fascinated by space, and for years now he has compiling and broadcasting almost daily blogs on developments in space travel. It would be fair to say he has become an expert on the history and continued evolution of space-flight and spaceexploration. His thorough knowledge and gentle manner has seen him invited onto the TV3 breakfast show on occassiobns to explain the cosmic and historic significance of unfolding events and the human endeavours beyond the confines of this planet. Matthew has also brought humour and creativity to SF fandom with appearances in costume parades, such as his memorable live musical performance as the glittering mirror-ball guitar spaceman in Rotorua 2015. I am sure if he had been able to manage it he would also have entered the stage riding a motorcycle to complete the spectacle. Matthew’s passion and long-term dedication to SF fandom and fans has endeared him to many, and I consider him to be well deserving of an SJV award.
I am nominating Matthew Pavletich for the 2022 Sir Julius Vogel Awards in the category of Services to Fandom. Matthew has been an active science fiction and fantasy fan for a very long time. He has been attending local New Zealand conventions for something like 30 years. Plus, he has also attended a few overseas conventions during his fandom. During this time, he has actively supported many fan-related activities, mainly in a behind-the-scenes operational capacity, but he has been in the spot-light too, as a panellist at conventions. His most recent main activity was to support the New Zealand 2020 bid for Worldcon. This was listed and recognised in the ConZealand convention book – page 114 under the section “New Zealand in 2020 Bid Stalwarts”. To quote “People who turn up and do the hard yards (some of them year after year_ at the tables and serving the pavs and Kiwi beak Mocktails at The Kiwis Beak Tavern, before we had the vote, when it was all to play for (2014 – 2018)”. During ConZealand, Matthew did one panel that I remember, possible two. The one I remember is the one where the panellists spoke about up-and-coming new science fiction TV shows. As always Matthew spoke knowledgably and well, presenting what he knew in a clear and concise manner, without getting fancy. Going back further, Mathew was a member of Stella Nova, the local Auckland science fiction club. He hosted many club activities with his wife Maree, also a member of the same club. Supporting fandom locally is important to the growth of fandom at a national level. With a core group in a city, this enable larger events to be put together when there is a pool of fans that could be called upon to help. Matthew was part of this core group up in Auckland, and always did what he could to support the endeavours of other fans as they organised a range of fan events. I’ve personally witnessed Matthew transport items essential to the convention, to ensure it got to the convention in a timely manner. On a national level, Matthew was part of three Convention Committees or ConComs that I attended, making him one of the convention organisers. These being : Conquest 1995 : Role - Videos and Technical Support Conquest – the Second 1999 : Role - Videos and Technical Support OdysseyCon 2001 : Role - Technical Support OdysseyCon 2001 was the very successful NZ national convention that had Mercedes Lackey as the Author Guest of Honour. Like many science fiction fans, Matthew has an interest in real science and technology. He is a member of the New Zealand Spaceflight Association. He gets asked to comment about space events and is introduced as a “Space Commentator.” I have seen him on TV3’s Breakfast show talking about various space events more than once. Examples of him commenting on space news are here: Lastly, Matthew has had a few pieces of short fiction professionally published. I have read one and it was science fiction.
Best Novella/NoveletteHeart and HearthAnna KleinBonnetpunk Press
Best NovelA Force of NatureJanna Ruth
Best NovelSilent SorrowRussell KirkpatrickIFWG Publishing
Best NovelGateway to Dark StarsKate Haley
Best NovelFoxhuntRem WigmoreQueen of Swords Press
Best NovelButcherbirdCassie HartHuia Publishers
Best NovelThe King of FaerieA.J. LancasterCamberion Press
Best Youth NovelSpark HunterSonya WilsonAhoy! / The Cuba Press
Best Youth NovelA Lair of BonesHelen ScheuererAlchemy
Best Youth NovelThe Thaumagician's RevengeGareth WardWalker Books
Best Youth NovelFire's CaressLani Wendt YoungOne Tree House
Best Youth NovelWelcome to the InbetweenKate Haley
Best Novella/NoveletteScales, Tails, and HagfishOctavia CadeTe Herenga Waka University Press
Best Novella/NoveletteAgainst the GrainMelanie Harding-Shaw

Professional Categories

Best Novella/NoveletteMonsters and ManuscriptsJamie SandsGrey Kelpie Studios
Best Novella/NoveletteRaven's Haven for Women of MagicAnna Kirtlan
Best Novella/NoveletteThe Impossible Resurrection of GriefOctavia CadeStelliform Press
Best Collected WorkAlt-ernateMelanie Harding-Shaw
Best Collected WorkSEEDSTabatha WoodWild Wood Books 
Best Collected WorkTen Acceptable Acts of Arson, and Other StoriesJack Remiel CottrellCanterbury University Press
Best Collected WorkMiddle Distance: Long Stories of Aotearoa New ZealandEdited by Craig GambleTe Herenga Waka University Press
Best Collected WorkYear's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy Vol 3Edited by Marie HodgkinsonPaper Road Press 
Best Short Story"Breath"S.A. McKenzieAll Worlds Wayfarer Magazine, Issue XI
Best Short Story"I Will Teach You Magic"Andi C. BuchananCrossmass Infinities, Issue 4
Best Short Story"Data Migration"Melanie Harding-ShawStrange Horizons, July 2021 
Best Short Story"Clutch. Stick. Shift"TehnukaMermaids Monthy, July 2021
Best Short Story"Worm Blood"Octavia CadeThe Dark Magazine