1909A Message From MarsFilm
1973The Great Fish of MauiFilm
1977Sleeping DogsFilm
1978Angel MineFilm
1981Strange BehaviorFilm
1982Next of KinFilm
1982The ScarecrowFilm
1982Warlords of the 21st Century aka BattletruckFilm
1982The Haunting of Cassie PalmerTV Series
1982Under the MountainTV Series
1983Dead KidsFilm
1983The Lost TribeFilm
1984Second Time LuckyFilm
1984Children of the Dog Star (Mini Series)TV Series
1985Death Warmed UpFilm
1985Mr Wrong aka Dark Of The NightFilm
1985The Quiet EarthFilm
1985The Ray Bradbury TheatreTV Series
1986Bridge to NowhereFilm
1987Bad TasteFilm
1988The NavigatorFilm
1989Kitchen SinkFilm
1990The ReturningFilm
1991The Boy from AndromedaTV Series
1991The Girl from MarsTV Series
1992Braindead aka Dead-AliveFilm
1993Jack Be NimbleFilm
1993The TommyknockersFilm
1993Typhon's PeopleTV Series
1994Funny Little GuyFilm
1994Heavenly CreaturesFilm
1994Hinekaro Goes on a Picnic and Blows Up Another ObeliskFilm
1994Jack Brown GeniusFilm
1994Hercules and the Amazon WomenTV Series
1994Hercules and the Circle Of FireTV Series
1994Hercules and the Lost KingdomTV Series
1994Hercules in the Maze of the MinotaurTV Series
1994Hercules in the UnderworldTV Series
1995Shadow of the Pepper TreeFilm
1995Space NunsFilm
1995HerculesTV Series
1995Mirror, Mirror (Mini Series)TV Series
1995Mysterious IslandTV Series
1995Xena : Warrior PrincessTV Series
1996Crab BoyFilm
1996The FrightenersFilm
1996The OfferingFilm
1997Larger Than LifeFilm
1997The RelicFilm
1997The UglyFilm
1997Mirror, Mirror IITV Series
1998Venus BlueFilm
1998What Dreams May ComeFilm
1998Legend of William TellTV Series
1999Letters About the WeatherFilm
1999The Lost WorldTV Series
1999The TribeTV Series
2000The Irrefutable Truth About DemonsFilm
2000Jack of All TradesTV Series
2001Dark StoriesFilm
2001Kung Fu Vampire KillersFilm
2001Lord of the RingsFilm
2001ZenonTV Series
2002Dark Stories 2Film
2002Lord of the Rings : The Two TowersFilm
2002The French DoorsFilm
2002Xena : Warrior Princess - A Friend in Need (The Director's Cut)Film
2002MatakuTV Series
2003Fanimatrix : Run ProgramFilm
2003Lord of the Rings : The Return Of The KingFilm
2003The Devil's LibraryFilm
2003The LocalsFilm
2003FreakyTV Series
2003P.E.T. DetectivesTV Series
2003Power Rangers Ninja StormTV Series
2003You Wish!TV Series
2004Flatmates WantedFilm
2005A&E (Accident & Eternity)Film
2005Chronicles Of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch And The WardrobeFilm
2005King KongFilm
2005King Kong : The Lost Spider Pit SequenceFilm
2005The PoolFilm
2005The TubFilm
2005Zombie MovieFilm
2005Jane and the DragonTV Series
2005Maddigan's QuestTV Series
2005Power Rangers S.P.D. aka Power Rangers Space Patrol DeltaTV Series
2006Big Bad WolvesFilm
2006Black SheepFilm
2006Event 16Film
2006Genesis AntipodeFilm
2006Nature's WayFilm
2006Night of the Hell HamstersFilm
2006Perfect CreatureFilm
2006The Killiam CurseTV Series
200730 Days Of NightFilm
2007Down by the RiversideFilm
2007The FerrymanFilm
2007The TattooistFilm
2007When Night FallsFilm
2007Power Rangers Operation OverdriveTV Series
2008Eel GirlFilm
2008Soul MateFilm
2008The WotWotsTV Series
2009Dean SpanleyFilm
2009The Lovely BonesFilm
2009Under The MountainFilm
2009The Vintner's LuckFilm
2010Kaitanga TwitchTV Series
2010Super Awesome Mega Battle TankFilm Series
2010This Is Not My LifeTV Series
2011The Almighty Johnsons - Series 1TV Series
2011The Wot Wots Season 2TV Series
2011Prelude To DarknessFilm
2011The Devil's RockFilm
2012The Almighty Johnsons - Series 2TV Series