Notice of Annual General Meeting of SFFANZ

1pm, July 7, 2024 at Continuity



Minutes of meeting held during ReConnect on June 3,2023 via Zoho.

The minutes of the meeting are attached.

Matters arising from these minutes

  • The updated SFFANZ constitution is now complete, and the revision will be discussed and ratified at this meeting.

  • Rationalising SFFANZ and SFFCONZ to be more aligned is still a work in progress.

Presentation of Accounts

The presentation of accounts will require a vote of the membership in order to accept the accounts.

Election of Officers

Any member of SFFANZ is eligible to stand for election onto the SFFANZ board. If you would like to put your name forward, please email

President’s Report

A report on SFFANZ-related events during the year.

General Business

If you have any items for general business, please contact us outlining the details of your item. Please email

  • Ratification of new Societies Act 2022-compliant SFFANZ constitution.

The final draft of the constitution is available here. Please take time to read it before the meeting. 

  • Call for future bids for natcons

There are currently no bids for a 2025 or 2026 national convention. The SFFANZ board welcomes anyone thinking about hosting a convention to make a presentation at the AGM. IF you’ve ever thought of running a con, but want to know what’s involved, please do get in touch at the address above and we’ll help as best we can. Don’t be shy!

Membership Fees

In order to vote at the AGM, membership fees are due before the start of the AGM. Please contact to get renewal details.  You can also renew or join by post or email if you cannot attend one-day con. Please contact us if you wish us to send you a joining form. 

SFFANZ Proxy Voting

Eligible voters who are not able to be physically present at the SFFANZ AGM may elect to vote by proxy.

You may do this in two ways:

By stating your voting instructions to the meeting chair/returning officer via post, email or in person.


You may nominate a person present at the meeting to act as your proxy.

The following rules hold:

  • Only eligible voters may vote by proxy.

  • Your choice of proxy must be clear and unambiguous – the chair has the right to reject any which do not meet these criteria. That is, who is going to exercise your vote.

  • If you do not specify voting instructions to the holder of your proxy vote, they are entitled to vote as they personally see fit.

  • For those NOT attending the meeting, notification of proxy can be in writing or by e-mail from an address recognised by SFFANZ as belonging to the eligible voter. Your notification must reach us no later than Thursday, July 4, 2024.

  • If you are emailing in your proxy notification, please email to

  • For those attending the one-day event , notification of the proxy must be lodged with the meeting chair in writing up to, but not after, the commencement of the meeting.